21-23 February 2020

Europe's Largest Hackathon, now in Exeter

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Supported by some seriously amazing people

What is JunctionX Exeter?

One of the largest UK university hackathons with over 300 participants. The event will be held on 21-23 February 2020. Our sponsors have created various Challenges you can choose from! You have 52 hours to create an exciting solution to your Challenge.


Roborough Studios, originally built as the University Library in 1940, offers three large rehearsal spaces, fully equipped for lighting and sound. The spaces can be opened up into one huge flat-floored performance space. This makes for the perfect JunctionX Exeter venue.


You can select from various Challenges each with it's own Challenge prize. The overall winner of the entire hackathon receives £1,000 and a Golden ticket to Finland!

What is JunctionX?

Junction is a global hackathon and tech community, spreading the word of empowering people to create with technology. The JunctionX program was created for local tech communities around the world to have a way to create their own hackathon, and bring developers, designers and all other techies together. All JunctionX events are individual events created by the local community, supported by Junction.

Track Reveal

  • Mental Health

    Nearly half of adults in the UK think they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life. In a 2014 study, over a third of people who self identified as having a mental health problem have never been diagnosed by a professional. 20 percent of people in the UK aged 16 or older showed symptoms of anxiety or depression. Do you think you can rise to the challenge and change the face of mental health?

  • Sustainability

    Forrests cover nearly 30 percent of the world's land area. But they're dissapearing at an alarming rate. Over the past 30 years the Earth has lost over 1.3 million square kilometres of forrest. Should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of over 3 planets will be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain our lifestyles. The food sector accounts for about 30 percent of the world's total energy consumption and nearly 22 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions. Does your team have what it takes to beat the competition and create a revolutionary product?

  • Transport

    20% of all flights are over 15 minutes late mostly due to reactionary causes. There are over 1.7 billion journeys on the national rail network every year; the average age of a given train on the UK railways is 19.2 years. Whilst only 1 percent of food is transported by air it accounts for 11 percent of carbon emissions. The number of electric vehicles rose to 5.6 million world-wide at the beginning of 2019. Improve the transport networt. Disrupt our current modes of transport. Can you overcome the challenge?